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Separation, divorce, or custody conflict can be one of the most stressful and difficult experiences that an adult, or a child, can experience. However, there is good news for estranged couples living in Towson and the broader Baltimore area. These couples are no longer compelled to participate in destructive and expensive divorce litigation. The process typically followed by separating and divorcing families in the past has been shown time and time again to be detrimental to all persons involved by draining financial resources, creating irreparable emotional harm, and destroying family relationships. Rather than choosing divorce litigation, separating and divorcing couples are now choosing to take charge of the process through alternative conflict resolution.
My practice is dedicated to assisting clients resolve the various issues that arise during separation and divorce without resorting to court litigation.

What Process Should I Choose?

When a couple first begins discussing the possibility of separation, divorce, or a custody dispute, the first question they must answer is: what process do we want to use to reach a final resolution of our disputes? Rarely do people actually want to hand their fate over to the court. And often, the parties do not know what other processes are available to them. My practice offers these alternatives to court intervention to my clients: mediation, collaborative law representation, or lawyer negotiated settlements. Prior to a person filing for divorce or custody in the court system, he or she should first consider and attempt to resolve the conflict through one of these alternatives to court intervention.

At an initial consultation, I can assist a potential client in determining which alternative is best for the client’s particular situation. Choosing an alternative process allows the parties and children involved to maintain positive relationships, preserves a larger share of the family’s assets, and gives the family control over its own future. The clients work within the alternative process to reach their own goals and interests, rather than handing over control to the court. By doing this, the family resolves their personal issues in a private setting rather than in a public courtroom. Also, the family is spending considerably reduced attorney’s fees on a process that is within their control and focuses on amicable resolution rather than spending exorbitant funds on hostile and adversarial battles which often result in long-lasting emotional and financial damage.
In the end, when parties are able to work together through negotiation rather than using the court to decide their fate, the parties can create more detailed and specific results for their family than what is typically ordered by the court.

Divorce does NOT Have to be Destructive

The process that you choose to resolve your family law dispute is up to you and your partner. It can be amicable, where you cooperate to ensure that what happens to your family and finances is best for all family members. Or it can be adversarial and hostile, by using the court system to dictate to you how your lives will work moving forward. If you are living in Towson or the greater Baltimore area and you think there is a possibility for an amicable solution to your divorce, please contact or call me at 410-357-1422. I look forward to working with you to find a divorce process that works best for you and your family.

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